Luxury Fashion Company NFTs : fashion company NFTs

Givenchy has partnered with ‘Chito,’ a Mexico-based artist to launch an array of 15 fashion company NFTs titled the ‘Chito x Givenchy NFT’ collection. The NFTs are inspired by the upcoming 2022 Williams collection at Givenchy combined with Chito’s famous airbrush style. Chito has created NFTs before, so it is their experience that is helping Givenchy launch this new collection.

There will also be physical clothing versions that feature Chito’s artwork in the 2022 Williams collection for consumers who are not interested in NFTs but still want to support Chito. The 15 Givenchy NFTs will be made through Polygon which is one of the more sustainable options in the NFT space.

Givenchy is attempting to offset the remaining carbon footprint that these NFTs create by donating all proceeds to ‘The Ocean Cleanup,’ a charity that focuses on removing plastic pollution from oceans.

Image Credit: Givenchy, Chito

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