Subscription-Based Vehicle Features : subscription based vehicle features

Toyota has motioned to join other automakers in capitalizing off of subscription-based vehicle features. Makers such as Mercedes, BMW, and Tesla have locked certain vehicular features behind monetization. Now, as of 2021, Toyota owners who want to remote start their car from the key fob will need to pay a fee of $8 per month or $80 per year, which saves $16 annually over the monthly option. This subscription is only required for newer Toyota models as the maker has stated that it only applies to 2018 models and onwards.

While this feature was technically in effect since 2018, Toyota owners were mostly unaware that the feature would only be free for three years, because this was in fine print and not openly discussed by Toyota. This feature only applies to 2018 and newer models because of their enhanced connectivity over the previous years’ models. It is important to note that, while remote start will now be a paid feature, remote locking and unlocking will remain free.

Image Credit: Toyota

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